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Top 3 customer questions before joining us!

Many Fleexgram users use this service to develop their activities.

But there are other customers who would like to have an account on Fleexgram, but have certain questions. The number of users who have joined this service is constantly increasing. Here are the answers to the three questions you usually ask yourself before joining Fleexgram.

I just discovered Fleexgram, what services do you offer?

Many people who visit the Fleexgram site usually ask themselves this question. Users who have used this service may be surprised to hear this question. Fleexgram is a tool that helps Instagram users manage their campaigns online.

All you have to do is choose a package before creating an account. With this tool, you can search for posts using specific hashtags. If you want to search for publications, you must use a hashtag that is found in a specific location.

This is a very important tool in the operation of your Instagram account. You can ask questions to your competitor’s audience. All you have to do is search for your competitor’s supporters, followers or commentators.

You can easily track users and comment on their posts. All this will be done by the Fleexgram tool. It is a tool that can easily make your marketing campaign more effective. Fleexgram does not have as its main purpose the management of your marketing strategy.

However, it can manage some technical issues. This can help you build a large Instagram community.

What about Fleexgram security?

Can a user manage multiple accounts from one computer?

Your Instagram account contains essential information for the development of your business. Fleexgram is primarily committed to protecting this information. It is from your IP address that you will perform all tasks. You can be reassured about the absence of a third-party server.

You can be reassured about your login to your Fleexgram account. This is a fully secured login, supporting two-factor authentication. Your username and password are only used to obtain a token from Instagram.

Fleexgram does not collect any account voting information, and does not track your activity. How it works depends on how you use Instagram. When your Fleexgram account does not receive a reminder from Instagram, all its activities automatically stop.

The possibility of blocking may be less if you do not use another tool, or an automated service. This means that you can use Fleexgram safely. You can as well manage multiple accounts from your computer. For instance, if you have 15 accounts, it will not have any negative impact on the functioning of Fleexgram.

Users should be aware that it is more dangerous to use multiple IP addresses, frequently modifying them, than managing multiple Instagram accounts from a single IP address. Instagram may find it suspicious that you often change locations.

Fleexgram plans to increase the number of accounts to be managed soon, but for the moment, it is the implementation of the proxy in app configuration that is planned.

Fleexgram seems to be a very safe tool, how is it used?

After having read the article, you are reassured about the use of Fleexgram. To use this tool, you must go to the website and open an account. You can choose a paid account or a free account. You do not need to make any configurations to start using Fleexgram.

Once you have created your account, you must log in. To do this, you must use your Instagram credentials. What proves Fleexgram’s security is that you use your own login credentials to connect. No identifier is provided by Fleexgram.

Once connected, you will be taken directly to the main menu. This gives you the opportunity to try Fleexgram. You have the opportunity to try all the features before purchasing the paid package. You do not need an activation key to use the free version of Fleexgram.

In addition, the tool also has no evaluation version. However, some limitations can be noted at the application level for research and assessment. If you have any further questions about using Fleexgram, you can contact us at any time.

In just 24 hours, a solution will be found to your problem, as 99% of the requests processed are resolved quickly.

The right tool for your online visibility

Your online visibility can be developed efficiently and naturally with a tool like Fleexgram. Whether you are a small brand or a company, the tool can be of great help to you in optimizing your interactions on social media. By using Fleexgram, you can easily target your Instagram audience.

You can use hashtags, places or Instagram accounts for this purpose. This tool can also be used to make comments, likes, unfollows or follows. When you want to increase the visibility of your Instagram account, you need to use an effective tool like Fleexgram.

This tool has a set of effective features such as the ability to manage your Instagram account by taking care of automatic posting. A calendar of posts is also available to help you accurately track your posts.

Before creating a Fleexgram account, customers may have some questions. Above all, they want to have an idea of the services that are offered. They may also question the security of Fleexgram and the number of accounts they can manage. It is after obtaining answers to these questions that they can use the tool to ensure their online visibility.