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Instagram followers

Our tips for getting more followers on Instagram

If you want to have more audience or make money on Instagram, you need to get more Instagram followers on your profile. Is the problem that you publish several photos and get few likes and comments? Read these tips to get more followers on Instagram.

Differentiate between Instagram followers

To develop an audience of quality on Instagram, you need to differentiate between the types of subscribers you get as you post photos. Indeed, different types of profiles can subscribe to your Instagram account.

Get more Instagram followers

Followers of poor quality

These are not really subscribers, but accounts set up by robots. These accounts will then subscribe in large numbers to your Instagram account. The problem with these types of followers is that they will not react to any of your publications. You will also not receive any comments, these followers are made up of fake accounts or even robots.

On Instagram, as well as on many social networks, the purchase of packs of fake followers is very common. The only objective is a false simulation of your popularity.
This method can now be detected using tools such as .

Non-targeted followers

These types of followers are very real. But they did not subscribe to your Instagram account because of the pictures posted on the social network. When the picture is displayed for a short while on the Instagram exploration page, these subscribers can follow you. The only problem is that they will not react, or will react very little to the content you have posted.

These followers can as well consist of robots that follow your account automatically. To avoid this type of subscribers on Instagram and on social networks, you must verify each account to see if it meets your expectations. The easiest way is to audit all your followers from time to time. You can then block the profiles that do not suit you. However, this is a trick that can be very time-consuming. These followers represent a small percentage of your other subscribers, so you can agree to be followed by them.

Targeted followers

When we talk of real followers on Instagram, we want to mention the real followers who can react to a picture or video you have put on your account. These users are also interested in the field in which you are active.

When you are carrying out a promotion or marketing campaign, your main wish is to gain targeted followers who are interested in the content you publish. There are other ways through which you can get these types of followers. You can draw the attention of people in your competitors’ accounts, advertise or enter into partnerships.

By using this technique on social networks, you can have followers with interesting profiles. What must interest you most is how you will see all these people with different profiles on your Instagram account.

  1. The importance of hashtags related to your activity
    By using hashtags on your Instagram account, and by linking them to your type of activity, your picture will appear amongst the top 9 hashtags that have an average number of visits on Instagram. This will allow you to benefit from a good position, which will enable you to obtain new targeted followers.
    When people search for certain keywords, the hashtags you have posted on Instagram, as well as the pictures, will make you appear on the pages related to these keywords.
    The easiest way to do this is to make a list of hashtags on Instagram. The list must be related to your user account. You can even view hashtags and the number of publications that use them, using a tool like
    You should also avoid the popular hashtags on Instagram. The existing competition on the social network will make you appear on the dedicated pages for a short while. This can cause you to attract non-targeted followers.
    If you want to win targeted Instagram followers who are interested in the content you post, you must ensure that the best hashtags for your profile have a direct relationship with your field of activity or published content.
    When you want to reach the targeted audience, your hashtags must be positioned as follows :
    ·       To describe your picture: between 5 and 10 hashtags ;
    ·       For subjects that are related to your domain: 10 hashtags ;
    ·       For a high-volume generic: 5 hashtags.
  2. Target your competitors’ followers
    You can transform your competitors’ Instagram subscribers into your own subscribers. All you have to do is to like or follow the most active among your competitors. The other followers will then pay attention to your content and the pictures you have posted.
    All you have to do is view pictures of the accounts you have chosen, and start a discussion with the different subscribers who have commented. You will soon notice an increase in your followers.
  3. The usefulness of partnerships to increase your number of followers
    Before getting into partnerships, make sure you switch to the Instagram Pro account. By contacting other professional profiles, it is the quality of your audience that is highlighted. You can further post a picture of his profile, and he too does the same. This is a simple partnership that can enable you to have more likes and followers.
  4. Pay influencers to get Instagram followers
    This technique consists of paying another Instagram account owner. The latter will promote your account, by putting your content on his own account. For this technique to work, you need to address accounts that have many more followers and likes and comments than you do.
    You can directly contact the account administrators who will promote your Instagram page. Avoid contacting profiles that have little feedback from followers.
  5. Facebook advertising: a way to get Instagram followers
    Several years ago, Facebook bought Instagram. These are therefore linked social networks that can enable you to get followers. All you need is an Ad manager page and account and a Facebook page.
    You can rapidly gain new followers while controlling your budget, since you will just have to pay 2 to 3 euros per day at the beginning. And all the followers you will get will be perfectly interested in the type of service offered.