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Get more followers on Instagram

How to have more followers on Instagram in 2019?

How to get Instagram followers

We already know that Instagram is the social network on which to be today.

Why is Instagram the best social network for your brand / company ?

Brand engagement rates on most social networks are below 0.1%, except for Instagram which is much higher.

Instagram’s average engagement rate for brands is about 58 times higher than on Facebook.

Of course, 58 times more commitment than Facebook is all well and good, but you can do so much better than that on Instagram. As a reminder, commitment refers to all the actions that users will carry out on your account (like, comment…).

You are a major brand or you want to become an influencer on Instagram, you must of course aim for record commitment rates and not the average rates.

To have more commitment is mainly to have more followers on Instagram.

But the problem is this: unless you are famous, it is really difficult to get many web users on Instagram without working hard.

For an average person or company, the growth of your customer base takes time and attention on a daily basis.

Fortunately, with Fleexgram, getting Instagram followers is much easier.

How to have more followers on Instagram?

  • Design an excellent profile.
  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Get involved with other users (with our tool).
  • Publish Instagram posts and stories and go live.
  • Follow people who like your competitors’ pages.

Getting more followers on Instagram with the help of hashtags

For each post, use the combination of trendy, current and popular hashtags. For popular hashtags, it is necessary based on your current commitment rate to target those with the least competition and where it will be easier to be among the Top 9 of these publications.

This hashtag mix will increase your overall impressions and specific hashtags help you find the right people (the targeted audience).

If you have a hashtag for your brand, make sure it is in your description, but also think of printing it on your flyers or others!

If you are in a show, share your hashtag. Merge web marketing with your marketing!

Increasing your Instagram followers using our tool

You can instantly do something to gain at least 1,000 quality followers on your Instagram account. It is all about knowing where to invest your time and effort, by preserving excellent content, using hashtags and by working with influencers to encourage commitment.

For the rest, Fleexgram takes care of it. That is, we take care of everything in order to make your profile visible to the audience you are targeting.

This reminder is targeted via hashtags, Instagram accounts and places that you inform when you target your Instagram audience.

To go further, see How to get new followers automatically on Instagram?

When to post on Instagram ?

If you become a real influencer on Instagram, we recommend that you post several times a day (either stories or publications) to increase your number of interactions with your followers.

Posting a picture every day is necessary to get more followers on Instagram quickly. Observe the time at which your audience is most active on social networks and post at those hours.

Follow people who like your competitors’ pages

To increase the number of Instagram followers, you must target users who follow brands and influencers in your field. Or at least target these brands and influencers if their audiences seem potentially interested.

Engage with this type of users, and hope that they are equally interested in your content.

As you continue to engage and follow people, you will start to have more followers on Instagram, obviously.