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Increase your followers fastly and naturally.

How to get real followers on Instagram?

There are two different types of followers, those we call “Fakes”, which are actually programs called “bots”, and the real followers who are real as you and me.

Fakes automatically subscribe to you for pay and increase your subscriber base, this increase is only artificial.
I explain your community will remain low active, as a reminder they are “robots”, they induce a low commitment rate since do not communicate.
They only increase the number of subscribers.

Our tool overcomes this problem : not only it allows you to increase your number of followers, it also allows you to create a real community that interacts with you and your content ! This tool makes it possible to make each followers prospects.

Once acquired followers will be faithful to you, by a leverage effect it will reassure other prospects, increasing your visibility, your credibility and will bring even more prospects, and so on!
It’s a real virtuous circle, which works both ways: you can invest more time in your services, the customer will be even more satisfied.

The secrets to having a lot of followers on Instagram

Define your audience

Now let’s see how to get new followers on Instagram. Defining your audience may require some time and thought, but profitability will be much better.

Here are some ways to save you time :

  • What types of people are likely to like your content?
  • What are your most popular posts for Instagram users?
  • Define a default hashtag list that will work for all your next posts: Are you a car photographer? target #car, #photography, @ topgear …
    • Then you will define hashtags specific to each publication: you photograph a BMW car? Add “#bmw” directly to your post.
  • Show the value of your business by regularly posting photos, videos, events, or even the “backstage” of it.

How to attract prospects without soliciting them?

The goal is not to go for prospects it’s just to let them come to you, they will be much more faithful !

To allow them to see your account, you only need to interact with content that is similar to them such as the content of an “influencer” or a brand.
Example: Are you a beauty brand ? Target Loreal’s audience, Sephora … It’s as simple as that.

The functions of this tool allow to interact automatically with the desired audience, and to analyze, by means of statistics, your results; so you will be able to define your strategy.