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Get Instagram Followers

12 ways to get more Instagram followers using automation

There are a number of social media automation tools designed to save you time and effort when marketing your social media. A number of these tools are specifically dedicated to Instagram. Here’s how you can get more Instagram followers using automation.

Get Instagram Followers with our tips

Automate the search and tracking of new accounts

Although many Instagram automation robots differ in terms of the services they offer, they will all offer the ability to automate the search and tracking of new accounts. Generally, all you have to do is tell the bot the hashtags and accounts you want to track.
Then, using this information, it will automatically start tracking these accounts and randomly select among the hashtags to begin tracking them. Every day, it will gradually follow a number of new accounts so that your account activity looks as natural as possible.

Automate your posts

Some Instagram robots will allow you to automate posts on the social network. If you’ve purchased an automation tool that doesn’t allow you to schedule posts, many other social media management platforms will allow you to schedule Instagram posts alongside other popular networks like Facebook and Twitter.
This makes it easy for you to consolidate your content creation process, so that you can devote each week the time needed to create the posts you want to share with your audience. It also allows you to maintain a consistent publishing schedule, at times when you know that your audience is most likely to be active and interact with your posts.
This way, you don’t have to manually post content to your account every day. You can focus on other tasks to promote your business that can’t be automated.

Auto comments

There are some people who will advise you not to automate comments because they might look like spam. However, when you know how to use neutral yet positive comments correctly, and you give various options to your robot, you can always leave relevant comments on photos without appearing fake.
To make sure you don’t waste your time, it’s best to automate comments for just a few photos each day. Because robots will interact with hundreds of photos every day, it’s impossible to program them to create contextual comments for all the photos they encounter. That’s why you should plan a little time each day to write real comments manually.

Auto Likes

Automating Likes is safe with an Instagram robot. It will not be considered spam or reported by Instagram. Likes are a non-intrusive way to make people happy, and thus increase your chances of engagement. Likes or a subtle boost that will only show up on a person’s activity flow. Many people have no problem getting likes from people they don’t know, and everyone benefits when their content gets a like due to the Instagram algorithm that detects it as a sign of popularity.
Unless you’re linking thousands of followers, it’s likely that you’re looking at your activity flow to see who liked your post and discover new Instagram accounts. Automate Like Banks on the fact that you like posts from people who will discover that you have liked their posts and will follow you in return.
Automating likes via a robot is like paying Instagram for your account to appear in users’ news feeds through ads. The activity created was not even aware of the fact that you existed. And since it’s not an official ad that you run through the Instagram platform, it’s free.

Automate direct messaging

As with comment automation, you can also automate the sending of instant messages to Instagram accounts. However, since it is also difficult to make context relevant to each follower that the robot will encounter, you will need to limit it to a small number of accounts per day.
Of course, you will have to use generic formulations. So keep a whole series of neutral positive statements, such as “Thanks for the follow!”, in the reference library that the robot will use.

Auto Unfollow of some accounts

With this strategy and Instagram automation, you use automation tools to follow users who may be interested in your account. Then, you wait a few days to see if they follow you back and, if they do not, you use the same automation tool to stop following them (unfollow). Most of the time, you will find that 20 to 35% of people will follow you back.
The actual percentage varies greatly depending on the effectiveness of your strategy for the people you start following. The idea is that you should use filters to make sure you interact with the users most likely to interact.
Using the follow/unfollow method without automation is less likely to get you to these results. If you manually follow 1,000 users in a week in an active slot for lack of automation, you will likely find that the manual method only gets a 10% follow-up rate, which is significantly lower. When you take into account the extra time you spend with the manual method, you get a reduced return on investment and no real reason not to use automation.
Taking the time to no longer follow users who do not follow you keeps you with a good ratio of followers, and you avoid wasting time and effort with people who will not interact with you, this keeping your engagement rate high and giving your account a more appealing look for the Instagram algorithm, for better chances of viral posts and increased growth in the number of followers by viral activity.

Focus your efforts on creating quality content

Use the time you save with automation to ensure that the content you create to post to Instagram is of the highest quality and aimed at your audience. If you post for quality content, the type of automation results you get will not matter, because you will not be able to satisfy your followers.

Check your automation efforts regularly

From time to time, you want to check and see how your automation efforts are going. If you find that you are not getting a lot of engagement, you can adjust your automation to target different hashtags.

Take the time to answer all comments

To reinforce your engagement and show your audience that you’re interested in them, take the time to reply to all the comments made on your posts. Even if you notice generic comments that you think are automated, taking the time to answer shows the rest of your audience that you are attentive and appreciate the time they took to comment.

Automate to save time, not to completely avoid work

If you set up an Instagram automation robot, then you lose interest in it and no longer see what the robot is doing or even your Instagram account, you are doing it wrong. Not only are you doing it wrong, but you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. It’s likely that you’re looking for a quick and easy way to monetize your Instagram account and while this is a respectable urge, it will not take you very far.
You’ll still need to spend some time interacting on Instagram and manually creating content for your followers. On the internet, nothing else, of sufficient quality to develop a stable customer relationship, is 100% automated.
Yes, there are a lot of things that are completely automated, but it’s not the sort of thing that your audience will appreciate or respond to the way you hope.

Don’t push your automation tool to the limit

Unless you used an automation tool right from the beginning of your Instagram account, chances are you’ve only been able to like and follow a certain number of users each day.
You will want to avoid maximizing the automation tool because Instagram will notice it if you go from 50 users following you to 1,000 users a day. The key is to make the activity as natural as possible, which often means that the automation tool is used much less than it is capable of doing.

Don’t use more than one Instagram automation robot

It can be tempting to double your efforts by using more than one automation robot. However, it’s best if you only use one at a time. You can use one for a while before testing another one to see which one is right for you, but using several at the same time creates unnatural activity and could potentially generate conflicts and create potential reports on your Instagram account.
Everything you do on Instagram, from content creation   to account tracking, as well as your interaction with your audience, must be done with your subscribers in mind. Without a group of loyal followers, you won’t be able to reap commercial benefits from your social media presence.